Security Clearance Cards for Schools and Nonprofits

Want to work at a school or nonprofit, or volunteer with your time and expertise? Then give them a form of ID that shows them you are serious about your reputation. Put their mind at ease, let them know they aren’t taking a big risk by letting you into their doors.

These institutions desperately need employees, volunteers, and vendors to carry out their good work. But on the other hand, they are often pressed to find an effective way to ensure the people who step forward are trustworthy and have the right intentions. That can create a dilemma: How can they get the help they need without exposing themselves to security and liability risks?

Image aligned to the right CrimShield-issued Security Clearance Cards can be the perfect answer. By offering a photo identification that’s only issued after a rigorous background check and identity verification, you can make it easier for administrators to put their minds at ease. And, you can help make schools and facilities safer without incurring extra costs to the organization or being forced to share sensitive personal information on a government ID.

Likewise, schools and nonprofits can lower their risks by requiring visitors to show a CrimShield Security Clearance Card that proves they have been Crime-Free Certified by our team of researchers and investigators.

Making that one change gives you an opportunity to keep everyone safer, including:

  • Requiring CrimShield-issued Security Clearance Cards for all new and existing staff members, vendors, and volunteers
  • Issuing branded photo IDs that can be scanned with QR-enabled devices and deactivated in real time using our online profile management system
  • Making CrimShield certification and annual renewal a part of your screening process
Most of the people who want to work with schools and nonprofits are doing so for the right reasons, but why not add an extra layer of protection against thieves, drug addicts, and convicted criminals? Call CrimShield today at 888-422-2547 to see how easy it is to integrate our Security Clearance Cards into your work as an employee, vendor, or volunteer.