CrimShield Security Clearance Cards for Individuals

What is the CrimShield Security Clearance Card?
Our Security Clearance Card is a branded photo ID that you can use to show the world that you’ve been Crime-Free Certified by a team of licensed investigators. It’s a way of proving that you are exactly who you say you are, and that your criminal record is clean.

What makes a CrimShield Security Clearance Card different from other photo IDs?
Most adults have a driver’s license or government ID, but those don’t tell others much about you beyond your name and address… and even those could be out of date. A CrimShield-issued Security Clearance Card, on the other hand, shows the world that a team of licensed investigators has determined that you have a clean criminal record. That adds an extra layer of safety and credibility to every interaction you have with others.

Couldn’t a CrimShield Security Clearance Card be stolen?
Yes. As with any photo ID, there is always the risk that one of our Security Clearance Cards could be stolen and used by someone other than the original recipient. However, each card is printed with an original QR code. By scanning that code from an internet-connected smartphone or tablet, a user can see a picture of the certified individual and view their crime-free status instantly, making theft or fraud much less likely. Should you lose your Security Clearance Card, you can go online to deactivate the lost or stolen card and request a new one with a new unique QR code.

Why would I want a Security Clearance Card for myself?
There are many reasons you might decide to get a Security Clearance Card for yourself. Business owners and community leaders can use them to build trust and credibility. Employers and contractors can present them to customers before entering their homes. Volunteers and vendors can submit crime-free credentials when working with nonprofits, schools, or hospitals. You could even use Security Clearance Cards to make online dating, person-to-person transactions, and social events safer.

Can employers and nonprofits use Security Clearance Cards?
Absolutely. Employers can use our screening and identification products to manage their teams (including contractors) and lower their liability risks. In addition, schools, nonprofits, hospitals, and other organizations can require their vendors and volunteers to obtain Security Clearance Cards before beginning work or gaining entrance to a facility.

What happens if someone is convicted of a crime after they’ve been issued a Security Clearance Card?
Since our Crime-Free Certification is good for one year, an individual must re-apply after 12 months in order to stay current. At that time, a new investigation takes place, and the conviction will be discovered. On average, 3% of Security Clearance Cards are unable to be renewed. Although that’s unfortunate for the individuals involved, we see this as a good thing since it’s a sign that our system of personal investigations and annual renewals really works.

How long does it take to pass a background check and be issued a CrimShield Security Clearance Card?
Most investigations are completed by our team within 3-5 business days.

How long does a CrimShield Crime-Free Certification last?
Certification lasts for one year. Individuals can apply for re-certification through our website after 12 months using their existing profile.