About CrimShield Security Clearance Cards

Image aligned to the right More and more people are waking up to the fact that it’s not always safe to trust that someone they’re meeting for the first time doesn’t have a criminal history. That’s especially true in the digital age, where dating, person-to-person transactions, and other parts of life have gotten riskier and more complicated. Even someone who has never been in trouble could have a hard time proving it.

With our Security Clearance Cards, CrimShield has solved the problem once and for all. That’s because our photo IDs aren’t just pictures on plastic – they are backed by decades of investigative experience and a strong background check and identity verification process.

In order to receive a Security Clearance Card, an individual has to submit an application with our company. From there, we don’t just check their name, birthdate, and Social Security number against a computer database the way instant background check services do. Instead, we use a team of researchers who search court records in person to ensure the applicant is exactly who they claim to be, and that they aren’t hiding a criminal past. Then, we utilize real-life licensed investigators to verify the details and look for any inconsistencies in the information they provided.

Image aligned to the right To make things as safe as possible, we even include scannable QR codes on every ID. That way, anyone with an internet-connected device can see that the individual in front of them is the one that matches our records, and that their Crime-Free Certification is up to date. Businesses can use our Security Clearance Cards and Employee Management Tools to keep their staff crime-free certified. They can even add their logo to the card for custom branding and added credibility. Visit CrimShieldPro.com to learn more!

For the good guys among us who want a better form of ID – and one that can give every person they meet an added layer of security – our Security Clearance Card is the perfect solution. Call CrimShield today at 888-422-2547 to learn more or start the certification process.