Build Trust and Credibility...

More and more business are showing off their crime-free credentials, and now you can, too. Make dating, online transactions, and even volunteering easier by proving you don’t have anything to hide in your past. Even better, ask others to show their Security Clearance Cards to protect yourself and your family..

Crime-Free Certification...

CrimShield-issued Security Clearance Cards are backed by the industry’s best screening practices. Once you register, our team of licensed investigators will verify your identity and check court records and government watch lists so we can say you’re Certified Crime-Free. That’s a great way to build instant trust.

QR-Code Scannable...

When you show your Security Clearance Card, the person you’re meeting can use almost any smartphone or tablet with a web connection to verify your identity and crime-free status instantly. That’s because every ID comes with its own unique QR code.

Keeping Criminals Out of Your Company:
How to go Beyond Instant Background Checks to Find Better Employees, Lower Costs, and Reduce Your Liability

“Good help is hard to find.” That’s a sentiment that’s been uttered, and echoed, by business owners and executives for decades. Your people are your business, but finding the right ones can be a huge challenge.

CrimShield has a solution for everyone...

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